RCRS Students Embark on Enriching Galiyaat Visit

RCRS Students Embark on Enriching Galiyat Visit

Students of Rehman College of Rehabilitation Sciences (RCRS) recently embarked on an enriching group tour to picturesque Galiyaat region during their summer break. The outstation tour offered the students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Galiyaat area, fostering an environment conducive to rekindling their imaginative faculties.

The students found solace in serene landscapes and refreshing ambience that Galiyat had to offer. Such endeavors play a pivotal role in maintaining vitality of the students' creativity and promoting their overall well-being. 

By engaging in such trips, students can detach from their scholastic responsibilities temporarily and indulge in a period of revitalisation. As they explore new surroundings and bond with their peers in a leisurely setting, they return to their academic endeavors with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and inspiration.