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Scholarship & Financial AID Policy

Whereas it is expedient to regulate by law the terms and conditions and criterion regarding /Scholarship/Financial Assistance and provide for matters connected therewith. The competent authority is pleased to make the following rules namely:

Need Based Scholarship

In case of the destitution, the competent authority may grant suitable financial aid to the student’s subject to the availability of funds as per manner prescribed on case to case basis as detailed below:

a. The Scholarship is admissible to Pakistani candidates offered admission on open merit seats.

b. In current financial circumstances of the Country, the scholarships are limited to the family income group less than RS. 120,000/month in case of MBBS and BDS Students and RS. 80,000/month or less for Allied Health Sciences programs students.

c. The scholarship award shall be considered of an applicant on prescribed application form and a confirmatory interview by the designated panel.

d. Scholarship will be for the minimum prescribed duration of the course and is subject to passing all annual/semester examinations in first attempt

e. The awardee shall submit an undertaking to the effect that he/she shall not leave the Program before completion of the course and shall not be found guilty of any misconduct/violation of rules.

f. The number of scholarships in this category currently are as under:

Distress Scholarship

  1. This scholarship will be awarded as a special consideration to those students who lose their parent/guardian (Declared in our record as the supporting person)
  2. The scholarship will be subject to confirmation of the student’s inability to support his/her education after the demise of father/guardian.
  3. Proof of demise of the supporting parent / guardian will have to be provided.
  4. Will be applicable for the remaining duration of course
  5. The scholarship will cover only the course duration prescribed as minimum meaning which that he/she would pass all subjects in different courses, professionals, semesters in first attempt.

Serving Employees

In order to facilitate the Institute employees who, wish to pursue their studies in various RMI/RU programs, financial assistance may be awarded to them:

  1. Employee must have a minimum of ONE-year service in RMI, as of the last date of application for that session.
  2. 20% concession in tuition fee will be admissible.
  3. The concession will be available only as long as the employee is in RMI service.
  4. This concession is applicable to all RMI/RU programs except MBBS and BDS.
  5. A certificate from the HOD that the employee, after joining the programs, can still be adjusted to be fully productive in the department.
  6. Admission will be on merit after fulfilling all the laid down criteria.

Fee Concession to Dependents of RMI Employees


  1. 10% concession in tuition fee of MBBS and BDS programs and 15% in all other programs will be admissible.
  2. Applicable to the children and legal dependents of employees with a minimum of 3 years’ service, as of the last date of application for that session.
  3. Admission will be on merit after fulfilling all the laid down criteria.

Fee/Concessional Education to Children of Deceased RMI Employees

The students of the deceased RMI employees may be granted full free ship or concession, in tuition fee with the approval of the competent authority.

Merit Scholarship

RMI Education would like to provide opportunities for talented students across the Country to be admitted in all the programs offered by different constituent colleges. The scholarships shall be awarded to the Merit holders for the top three positions amongst the candidates offered admission in each program. The following conditions shall apply:

  1. Top three students of 1st admission merit list of each program with the minimum score of 80% or above shall be eligible for a discount of 40%, 30% & 25% respectively.
  2. Scholarships shall be paid for Current Session only i.e. 1st semester or 1st Year, as applicable.

Performance Based Scholarships (Enrolled Students)

These are merit-based scholarships to be awarded to bonafide students passing University examinations (securing 80% or above) in different professional years or semesters as prescribed below:

a. First position holder in the University of each Class will receive 100%, 2nd position holder in the University 75% and 3rd position holder in the University 50% waiver of the tuition fee irrespective of the strength of the class.
b. Top 10% students of the total strength passed from each class will be eligible to receive performance base scholarship as per detail given below provided the fulfill condition to 3.3.1 above:
1. 25% of top 10% will be entitled to receive 75% wavier of the tuition fee.
2. 25% of top 10% will be entitled to receive 50% wavier of the tuition fee.
3. 50% of top 10% will be entitled to receive 25% wavier of the tuition fee.
c. Scholarships shall be paid for a period term only (one semester or annum).
d. If a student is declared later than his class fellows for no fault of his own or his merit order is changed due to ratification of his result, he/she may receive the merit scholarship if he/she is eligible to get it subject to the approval by the Competent Authority.
e. The scholarship shall be awarded to the youngest student if there are more than one candidate getting equal number of marks.

Brother/Sister Concession

• When two or more brothers/sisters are enrolled at RMI Institutes, the one in the highest
• Class shall pay the full tuition fee prescribed and the others will be entitled to fee concession
• up to maximum 20%. If the brothers/sisters are in the same semester/Year, then decision will
• be made based on academic’s performance of both students in their latest semester/Annual
• Examination result.

Loan Facility to Students

  • Subject to approval of competent authority RCN female student may be granted loan on production of surety bond mentioning the mode of repayment, on case to case basis and as prescribed below:
  1. 100% loan for payment of fee = 10 students
  2. 75% loan for payment of fee = 10 students.
  3. 50% loan for payment of fee = 10 students

General Provisions

  1. No students shall be entitled to avail double concession, e.g. more than one scholarship or a scholarship and concession in tuition fee etc.
  2. A student allowable for two scholarships or financial assistance shall be given an option to accept one of these awards, or management may grant him the better financial award of the two.
  3. Any student who gets MORA, Tribal, and Worker Welfare Board, Fuji Foundation or any other similar scholarship will not be entitled to fee concession facility and any other financial benefit/scholarship offered by the College.
  4. Misconduct and violation of rule shall render disqualified from the scholarship/financial assistance
  5. Scholarships and financial assistance is applicable to tuition fee only.

The scholarship committee will be notified by the management from time to time

Sanctioning Authority

  • The CEO RMI shall be the sanctioning authority for award of scholarship, free ship and financial aid on the recommendations of the Scholarships Committee.
  • The CEO RMI is empowered to increase, decrease the waiver recommended by the Committee as well as award any Financial Assistance other than recommended by the Committee, on case to case basis at any time